Borrowing money

Venture Capitalist in Miami and New York – Money Diary

Occupation: Main
Industry: Capital risk
Age: 27
Site: Miami. Florida and New York, NY
My salary: $ 110,000 – $ 150,000 (plus equity)
My husband’s salary: $ 250,000 – $ 350,000
Rental income: $ 36,000 ($ 3,000 / month)
Net value : $ 900,000 (between investment accounts, savings, cash, IRAs and six investment properties. We have a joint bank account, split the bills evenly and the two contribute 50/50 to everything. that we have, pay for and invest.)
Debt: $ 14,200 (I have $ 13,000 in undergraduate student loans and $ 1,200 on my platoon.)
Amount of my paycheck (1x / month): $ 9,166
Amount of my husband’s paycheck: Varies – owns his own business and checks come in large chunks ($ 25,000 to $ 100,000) a few times a year
Pronouns: she she

Monthly expenses
To rent: $ 3,950 (this includes rent for a two bed, two bathroom apartment in Miami and our share of our two bed and one bathroom apartment in New York City that we shared with my husband’s business partners The cost includes water, sewage, garbage, and a parking spot that we sublet for $ 200 per month.)
Loans: My student loans are currently on hold due to COVID and my husband bought all of our properties in cash.
Housemaid: $ 200 (She comes twice a month and that includes the tip. We think we’re breaking even here with the parking space sublet.)
Health insurance: $ 800 (My job pays for my half, we pay for my husband’s half.)
Husband’s phone: $ 30
The Internet: $ 30 (this is subsidized by our building in Miami and New York, the total bill is $ 30 broken down into three ways)
Electricity: $ 30 to $ 40
platoon: $ 80 (this includes our Affirm refund and monthly subscription)
Rent the track: $ 150 (LOVE RTR, especially now that I’m pregnant because I know I’m growing up and don’t want to buy clothes)
Tenant insurance: $ 30 (for NY and Miami.)
Spotify, YouTube TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime: $ 0 (We don’t care about friends and family)
HBO: $ 16 (and I let my family laugh at me)
Annual expenses:
Disney +: $ 80
American Airlines Card: $ 99 (we steal AA a ton since there is a hub in Miami)
Chase Sapphire Reserve: $ 550 (this is the annual fee for both of us and from that we get $ 300 in travel credit refunded)