Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Chromotherapy is a science that studies the structure of light and color and their effect on man; It is based on the proven principle that light and color gradations have considerable effects on mood, mood and physical state.

Chromotherapy, from Greek “care with color”, therefore deals with the study of colors, with constant and unpretentious research involving and involving the greatest scholars and millions of people in the history of every continent.

Famous scholars such as Fresnel, Maxwell, Plank and Einstein just to name a few, have been questioned about the nature of light and color spectrum, ending to conclude that light, in its interaction with matter, has typical properties of waves (light is a ‘ electromagnetic wave), but also particles (photons) and is therefore able to interact with the receptors of our body and to influence the human organism proportionally.

Human physiology

Human physiology

In the field of human physiology there is also the law of resonance (also applied in medical diagnosis with higher or lower frequencies of visible chromatic spectrum) for which any biological structure, rather than receiving an electromagnetic wave in the field of light increases your energy status.

According to this law it is possible to give energy through electromagnetic colors and frequencies! This field is studied with assiduity, especially in Germany and Russia in recent years in the physics-medical field with particular devices (the same principle is used in magnetic resonances for example).

In addition, in inferior vertebrates and in unconscious man, the color significantly stimulates a very important organ such as epiphysis (connected with the sixth chakra).

Skin as the primary human sensory organ has many of these properties in itself and for example we will have a red light that will have a lot of penetration with little energy, while a purple light will go deeper but with more energy.

Einstein also believed that all the energy contained in a photon would move to a single electron causing a photochemical change directly into a molecule of matter.

In a coarse way these physical phenomena are used in advertising, but also in aesthetic centers to cause relaxation and invigorate the body. Guess why many games, for example slots machines are so colourful? Yes, you are right! Because colors lift mood and make the player happy (by the way – if you want to try this kind of therapy, spins for free here).

Colours in everyday life

colours in life

The application of color and chromotherapy can be seen every day especially in wellness centers and spas: color showers, saunas with various gradient gradients, relaxation rooms with chromotherapy; if you have already been able to understand what I’m talking about, the feelings that any color can give you, the emotions it can cause you.

Everyone, the fewer or less, has undergone the evocative power of colors: people who tend to wear black outfits are likely to be less lively than those dressed in cheerful colors; these people however feel the need, come in so resonant with these garments and when two waves resonate they increase to their strength: so a depressed person wearing black garments will be even more depressed and a redheaded person will have much more chance to get angry!

So the color that most attracts you or does not hurt you is by no means the one that suits you at that moment; when you choose what to wear think first of all if that color can really make you feel alive in the right way.

On the other hand, even wearing or having contact with the body objects or colored garments can restore energy and resonate with those weak organs, glands, or weak tissues towards stabilization, balance and homeostasis .

My theory of chromotherapy about prevention is to keep in the closet clothes and underwear of all colors and change color every day according to the intuition or the case, as you prefer, without focusing on a color for more than two days; in this way all parts of the body will enjoy the resonance effect of each color.

In fact, as in all things, in medium stat viruses, virtue is in the middle: all exaggerations are wrong.

Colors meanings

colour meanings

The colors that use chromotherapy are those of visible light that have a higher frequency of infrared but lower than that of ultraviolet light; a first and fast distinction of colors can be made in warm colors and cool colors: the first inspire joy of living, warmth, raise morality, but in some cases may favor aggression, hyperactivity, stress, panic attacks and anxiety; include the gradations of yellow, orange, red and pink; cold tones arouse calmness, inertia, stimulate distension, meditation, but in some cases may favor melancholy, solitude and sadness; include the gradations of blue, blue, indigo and purple; Green is considered as the center color, neutral and stabilizer.

If you are interested in deepening the color argument I refer to this article which deals with all the main colors from the point of view of their meaning in chromotherapy.

All these premise on the colors lead us to a deeper and finer colored light application at the same time: there are on the body of the specific spots more sensitive to colored light and able to bring accurate information throughout the body; Through techniques such as cromopuntura, it is able to control this information in a similar way to acupuncture, but without invasiveness or needles, by acting on the general homeostasis of the body and re-balancing those energy meridians in dysfunction.

The precision with which you can use cropping is as great as security as you will be “illuminated” specific sensitive spots on your skin with concentrated light colored bundles and hence without the invasiveness of any other instrument.


Chromotherapy and cromopunture are based on the principles of Oriental culture and work at the meridians of the body, using in many cases the law of the 5 movements to energize the body energetically.

If you were still skeptical or simply still have to assimilate the concepts well, and I think most of you are in a similar condition, here is another reason that will make you think about it. Einstein always showed with his famous theory of relativity accepted throughout the world that energy is equal to a mass for the square of the speed of light; it becomes easy to guess through the equation E = mc2 as energy and matter are two sides of the same medal.

This should make us understand that if we go to work on the energy that permeates our body, releasing the conducting channels (meridians) and the storage centers (chakras), we will therefore rebalance all our body also in its most material and physiological part .

I conclude by offering you a very interesting curiosity: you have certainly heard about chakra; well through chromotherapy associated with plant reflexology, it is possible to unlock and re-balance the chakras in a very fast and intuitive way through the use of colors on the reflex points of the same chakras on the feet.