Can music affect your mood

Can music affect your mood?

While all people perceive music differently, it is already well known that it can affect our mood.

Many studies have been done by health professionals including neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists who demonstrate that music has the ability to influence people both positively and negatively and that its effects are immediate but can also be enduring.

The different personal experiences make us develop different tastes and preferences in terms of music. While practically all babies like lullabies, making this a common response to a type of music, it is also believed that children’s taste for some kind of music can be greatly influenced by what their parents Make them listen even since they are in the belly.

These experiences are going to be related to what we can feel when listening to certain types of music, even with the memories and sensations that come to mind many years later, for example a song we heard from children with our parents or a grandfather can To be kept in our mind for years and to return to listen to it being adults can unleash a whole cataract of feelings.

Beyond the different tastes, we all have some musical style that goes according to our mood, there are songs that make us feel sad and songs that make us happy.

Even within the joy for example there are songs that lift our spirits, songs that accompany us in routine tasks such as housekeeping and there are songs that change our mood immediately as they begin and make us want to stop the chair and put us to dance.

The same as for sadness. There are songs that simply make us feel momentarily sad and there are songs that lead us to a depressive pit, these are usually the ones we choose at those times when we are really bad for some reason and we want to go deeper into that even more. Who has not been sad after a breakup and cried for hours listening to the same song?

Songs can also remind us of someone for different reasons and move us mentally into such situations that we live with that person.

Taking advantage of the ability of music to change our mood is that for example dentists use it to calm those nervous patients who come to the office, gyms choose songs with a lot of rhythm that transmit energy to athletes, military bands use melodies Which help to develop confidence and courage, shopping centers tune in very happy music to motivate customers to make their shopping more enthusiastic, many students listen to melodies that help them improve their concentration, professionals use music in The new therapies to improve the motor capacities of the patients and these are just some examples.

Then you know, when you need to get up in a good mood, go running and clear your mind or download a little sadness, you just need to find the ideal song.