Borrowing costs

NS&I reveals savers cost it £ 887million last year because borrowing costs were so low

Lower borrowing costs, according to National Savings & Investments, mean that it is increasingly costly for the government to raise funds from savers, raising concerns that its highest savings rates in the market are not reduced. It cost the Treasury-backed bank almost £ 887million more to raise funds from savers between April 2019 and March […]

Borrowing rates

The Big 4 banks “constantly, continuously and always” revise lending rates after the big drop in Kiwibank’s variable rates

Kiwibank last week cut its variable and floating mortgage rates by 100 basis points, including real estate loans, variable business loans, revolving business loans and corporate overdraft rates. The move cuts the floating rate on Kiwibank’s home loans to 3.40%, more than 100 basis points lower than the carded or advertised floating rates offered by […]

Borrowing costs

Amazon secures record borrowing costs

Amazon blocked some of the lowest borrowing costs ever in the U.S. corporate bond market on Monday, underlining the e-commerce giant’s rise to power during the coronavirus pandemic and the boost the Federal Reserve has given provided thanks to its historic interventions. The company raised $ 10 billion in an offer that included three-year bonds […]